Wenatchee Valley Farmers Market

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A fantastic example of what can be achieved.

By: Paul    (Mar 22, 2009)

While on holiday in Wanatchee recently I was able to visit the Valley Farmers Market. I was very impressed with the range and diversity of the produce available there. Unlike some markets all the produce that I saw was not only of the best quality, fresh and reasonably priced but also produced locally. In fact the freindly vendors were more than happy to prove this and I was invited by two of them to visit their farms. Unfortunately I didn't have the time for that on this visit but hope to return in the future to do just that. The vendors have a real passion for for their work and were both warm and freindly aswell as helpful, explaining their methods and also showing me how to use some produce I had never seen before ! I also liked the entertainment for the kids and just the whole atmosphere of a freindly, safe and fun day for all. We could certainly do with something along these lines here in the UK Locally produced fresh organic produce from guenuinely caring vendors in a well organised safe enviroment with attractions for the little ones ....what more could you want ? I look forward to visiting again.

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