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Fabulous REAL chicken!

By: Jane Holmes    (Jul 9, 2009)

We just got our first shipment of Rainbow Ranch chicken, and we are in love! I recently got into the Real Foods movement after reading Nina Planck's book "Real Foods" and then "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon. They both talk about the many health benefits (not to mention taste benefits) or grassfed, pastured, bug-eating, heritage chicken. We felt fortunate to find Rainbow Ranch not all that far from us (we like to also eat local whenever possible).

We started out roasting our first bird and it was so tasty I have had a hard time trying another recipe! But I did make stock twice and from the chicken meat made chicken salad and also a chicken/mushroom/leek casserole.

The taste of these birds is wonderful -- much richer and a little darker than store-bought, juicy and full of flavor. We are definitely converts to pastured heritage chicken.

To roast, I've been using the recipe from Nourishing Traditions. I put the chicken in a roasting pan with slices of onion and an entire halved garlic head, cut-side down. The chicken is brushed with melted butter (raw butter, in our case) and sea salt and pepper. I put some fresh herbs (usually rosemary) inside the bird. Bake bottom-side up at 375 for 1 hour, then turn over. Brush the top side with butter and sprinkle sea salt & pepper. Usually the bottom side only takes another half hour or so. The butter makes the skin very yummy.

After setting the bird and garlic aside, put the roasting pan on the stove and put in 1/2 c dry white wine. Stir around to loosen the onion. After it boils, add in 2 cups of chicken stock and boil/sitr until it reduces by half. Pour sauce through strainer and serve. This simple sauce is really delicious on the roast chicken.

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