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Great Meat and Eggs, Great People, Great Farm!

By: Caroline Garrett    (May 6, 2008)

For the past year or so, my family has gotten ALL the meat we eat from Old Pine Farm - beef, pork, chicken, and a little emu. We started doing this because eating the "factory farmed" meat one gets in grocery stores is absolutely untenable - for the earth, for your health, and for your soul. Old Pine Farms treats their animals with love and respect, pastures them, and lets them live a good life until they are put down with the same love and respect with which they were raised. The meat tastes great, it comes from a lovely farm 30 miles from my house instead of some horrible feedlot hundreds or thousands of miles away. They have a meat CSA which lets you purchase a large quantity of meat and pick it up in smaller quantities throughout the year; this is both convenient and cost effective. Plus, the people who own the farm are really wonderful and getting to know them a little bit has been really good.

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