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Jewell Farms - Convenient and Delicious

By: Pat Martin    (Jul 13, 2009)

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Jewell at an occasion and discovered that not only did he farm, but that he did the type of farming that was of great interest to me and my family. He farmed naturally grown products...no worries of harmful chemicals and/or pesticides. The type of fruits and vegetables that a responsible parent can feel very good about feeding her family each day. I recently visited one of their stands at the Nashville Farmer's Market. The Jewell's products not only taste great, but are absolutely beautiful to look at. Their displays are gorgeously arranged. The cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, green beans, and corn made an eyecatching arrangement. All I can say is great prices, great products, great taste. They'll even deliver produce to your home, if special arrangements can be made. There is no comparison to between supermarket products and the products available through "Taste of Jewell".

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