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Amazing Organic Blueberries

By: Emily Buehler    (Apr 20, 2009)

I went to Philoxenia Farm twice last year. Both times were at the end of the season, after weekends, and I feared all the blueberries (or at least all the big sweet ones) would be gone. And both times, after trying a few bushes (which are tree-sized), I found a bush that was still loaded. I made cobblers for weeks, and I filled half my freezer with blueberries, which I used in muffins and pancakes all winter.

Philoxenia Farm is wonderful. It's like a sprawling orchard of blueberry trees. Even with screaming children nearby, it was peaceful for us non-parent types. And the owners were super nice.

Just be careful of the scale. They set it to "zero" the buckets they provide, but inevitably some well-meaning customer re-zeros it with nothing on it, and then you might end up paying for the weight of your bucket if you are not paying attention.

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