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Local produce is a very green option

By: Libby Mahaffey    (Apr 26, 2009)

Thanks Margie for another year of wonderfully flavorful veggies and fruits selected from your farm and your farm partners. Thanks also goes out to the young interns that work with Bee Heaven.

Thanks for the parties we have had at the farm with our families, music, food, friends, etc. It is a welcomed relief from the city.

Though I could chose to pick my veggies up near my home, I find it enjoyable to actually drive to the farm from my home in the Gables. (I drive a Prius Hybrid, so it's not so extravagant) En route, I stop at orchid growers to drool or even select a new specimen for my collection. Or, I drop by Fairchild's Whitman Farm (SW 248 St.) for a tropical fruit smoothee. Lots of nurseries and interesting pottery offered along the way along Krome Ave. Homestead is really underrated.

If for some reason I can't pick up my veggies, I ask a friend if they want an 'out of city' experience and everyone comes back enamored with the adventure.

While awaiting our next season at Bee Heaven, I'll just have to be content driving to Whole Foods for my organic produce fix. Boring.

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