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Best find in Whatcom County

By: Tom O'Connor    (Jul 22, 2009)

As a recently certified permaculturalist I was thrilled to stumble onto this little gem tucked away on Barr Road. We were up from Seattle to Birch Bay for the 4th and driving back from buying fireworks for the kids when I spotted the F.A. Farm sign. I turned into the drive and got out for a look-see.

It was heaven for me to see all the principles I learned being put into practice, along with some tips I learned from Larry. He had 20 varities of potatoes going, so he asked what I wanted (4 variaties were enough for us) and then harvested them fresh out of the ground for us. After about an hour of jaw-boning about organics, soil amendments, permaculture and more the kids were suffering from a near-fatal case of terminal boredom. For myself I was thankful Larry took the time to talk. I have told all my Birch Bay vacation friends to drop by the FA Farm and sample the high nutrition fruits and vegetables off their farm.

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Walter Haugen says:    (Aug 3, 2009)
Thanks for the nice review, Tom. However, my first name is Walter, although Larry is a fine name too.