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By: Brian T.    (Jun 9, 2009)

I had been buying what I thought were the best eggs - "free range" from a health food store, and labeled as coming from a local farm. Then I found out via Whole Health Source that free range chickens may simply be kept in a room with an open door leading to a dirt ground outside. In other words, no nutrients coming from grass, insects, etc. Just grain.

So yesterday after work I drove half an hour out of my way to a local farm that sells poultry and pastured eggs - Brunty Farms. As I pulled up to the place, I found chickens running free all over grass-covered land, so I knew this was the real deal. I had planned to buy only three dozen, but ended up getting six dozen. They'rre also going to be selling duck eggs soon, which are supposed to be even better.

As soon as I got back, I hard boiled half a dozen because I wanted to try them by themselves as soon as possible... the taste is great! The yolk is clearly a much darker orange, and thicker/pastier than a standard yolk, with all sorts of flavors you don't normally get. Not only that, but pastured eggs are more nutritious, despite the official claims of the American Egg Board and the Egg Nutrition Council. They have more Vitamin A, D, E, and omega-3 fatty acids. And as an added personal bonus, these eggs are cheaper than the ones I had been buying.

I thought that 6 dozen would last me at least a month, but have already run out after 3 weeks. I'm headed back there today to pick up ~10 dozen.

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