Downtown Shreveport Farmers Market

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By: Carol Hall    (Jun 18, 2009)

We made it to the Farmer's Market on Opening Day at a little after 8 am. WHAT a mistake!!!!! lol. we should have been there at 7am. The bread was all taken. I still found lots to purchase though, including an Herb I was looking everywhere for. I asked some vendors about a couple items and they promised to have some next weekend. * Looks forward to Souma's (sp) Hot Peanuts. * The folks running the booths are very nice as are the attendees for the most part. I have decided that I may take that step and go from attendee to vendor. This is a wonderful outing to share with your family and friends. Though I would advise going Early if you want a loaf of Jalapeno Bread ( I went back Tuesday and bought the last 4 small loaves ) I am so happy Shreveport has this going on, I just wish they could expand to the upper level of Festival Plaza. Keep up the good work.

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