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4 bundle lavender order, recent

By: Jane Catherine Erskine    (Jul 29, 2009)

All unpacked sere, slightly brown. Within two days, moldy. Called store, and finally emailed. No response. Very dissatisfied. Ordered from another Washington grower. Everything arrived in bud, and continued to flower in water. Two weeks later, and I have them drying. No mold. This order arrived a week before the Labyrinth Hill.

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Susan Harrington says:    (Jul 31, 2009)
Customer satisfaction is our highest goal at Labyrinth Hill. With so many rave reviews for this year's lavender, we are investigating why Ms. Erskine's fresh-cut bundles, delivered less than 48 hours after harvest, could perform so poorly.

Susan Harrington says:    (Aug 5, 2009)
We were very concerned about Ms. Erskine's complaint that Labyrinth Hill's fresh-cut lavender performed so poorly. We worried other customers might have had similar experiences, but did not contact us. By e-mail, we randomly contacted 10 other parties in Ms. Erskine's region who were sent identical fresh-cut lavender from the same day's harvest, wrapped and shipped in exactly the same way. Also, weather and humidity at the destinations were similar. --- Eight of the 10 responded and we were relieved that all had quite positive comments: "It was perfect!"; "The lavender was wonderful."; "Lovely! Prompt and well packaged."; "The box was messed up (but) the lavender was fine."; "I loved my shipment of lavender."; and "Beautiful lavender and the packaging was good and the lavender arrived in perfect condition." --- We can't understand why Ms. Erskine's lavender did not perform as well if the packages were opened promptly and the included care instructions were followed. --- Though we may have lost Ms. Erskine as a customer, we are sending her a full pound of Labyrinth Hill's dried lavender buds from this year's harvest and hope she will continue to support Local Harvest with future purchases from other farms on the network. --- Susan Harrington, Labyrinth Hill