Arcata Plaza Farmers' Market

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Care2 Review: We love this market!

By: holy holily H.    (Aug 4, 2009)

peace kind, the organic produce by local gardeners inspires not only to become involved in growing ones own organic produce, but to learn about plants & how they grow & why we need certain plants, what our body needs & the whole ecosystem ecology process of plant material becoming soil to be utilized by future plants, seeing these gardeners weekly almost year round gives faith to believe in when all seems lost asto what are we or one doing here, then in spite of the cool climate year round see produce thats energizing when consumed, thats being helpful to those such as myself when i attended the local university & had to have a brain functioning to learn what the classes i attended wanted from one so onward one may go to complete the requirements the major one is in requires to obtain a bachalors degree. the place is very much out away from the main population areas so natures wildness is strong, the work these gardeners do year after year is a blessing & i thank them for being able to offer the fruit of their labor that has blessed my life & given me healthiness to live another day. peace kind

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