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Pastured Eggs & a good community resource

By:    (May 16, 2008)

I write this review simply because there NEEDS to be a review of this place, even though I might not be the most qualified person to write it. I first heard of TLC Ranch when my grocery delivery service, Planet Organics started offering TLC's pastured eggs.

Having been disenchanted before when I found out that the eggs that I thought were pastured, were actually produced by a large-scale factory-farm-like enterprise, I had started to really scrutinize the claims of companies. TLC eggs were offered at a premium by Planet Organics, so while I had already found a reliable source for eggs from a small family farm while waiting for my own flock to start laying, we decided to give these eggs a try.

My family of 5 easily goes through 2 dozen eggs per week and this extra dozen pushed us to 3 dozen eggs. The eggs from TLC were just what they said they were, delicious and nutritious, with bright orange yolks and the freshness that can be verified with a firm white that clings to the egg. Since this initial exposure, my CSA, has started offering TLC Ranch eggs as well. They cost a bit more, but are well worth it.

But their great eggs are not the reason I felt compelled to write this review. Because while me & my family might be driven by taste, quality or convenience, there is no fooling other farmers and local food producers. It was when Jean at Deep Roots Ranch spoke wih respect of TLC Ranch Jim Dunlop that my trust in this ranch was affirmed. I heard a bit about how he was getting some sows and then found some local articles online with photos from the ranch. That's when I came to fully appreciate the place this ranch holds in our local food community. Places like this deserve to be recognized & celebrated.

So while I cannot YET speak to their meats & other offerings, I am impressed with what I've seen so far and look forward to seeing how they grow-- especially with the ties that plant them as a local, sustainable resource to the metropolitan areas of San Francisco & Silicon Valley.

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Tana Butler says:    (Sep 1, 2008)
"Places like this deserve to be recognized & celebrated." Right on!