Bray Family Farms

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Bray Family Farms

By: Gretchen Musser    (Aug 14, 2009)

I, too, was able to join a small group to tour the Bray Family Farms on August 13, 2009. Both Andy and Nancy were so gracious. You could tell they truly enjoyed their life and loved all their animals. It's a great example of how to develop a small farm (under 20 acres) and make a wonderful living while being kind to the ecosystem. Their produce is great and I've had the chance to purchase the grass-fed beef as well, which was a real treat.

While feeding the four pigs some watermelon, Andy generously offered the treat to us, too!

It would be a wonderful fantasy fulfilled to see other small farms take the place of some of these abandoned and foreclosed-on properties which were slotted for development.

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