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Yummy Yum Yum!

By: Lacey Donle    (Aug 24, 2009)

For the past two years we have been getting meat from Keena, and we can't stop now because it is so good! There is no way you would want to eat supermarket beef or pork after eating the meat Keena raises. This is our first year as vegetable CSA shareholders and we are very pleased with our food so far. My 1 year old son and I work 2 hours a week in exchange for a discount on our vegetables, and we have had a lot of fun doing everything from washing parsnips and greens in weather so cold your hands would get numb from the water, to picking green beans, potatoes, thinning beets, and sweating now that we've finally gotten some warm weather. Really, I mean it, it's an amazing experience to be so close to the food you eat. I know, down to the exact location, where my food is coming from and it's awesome!

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