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Green Acre Fruit Farms' U-Pick

By: Kristy Liddell    (Sep 2, 2009)

Green Acre Fruit Farms have a rich variety of fruits available at the farmer's market, but I prefer to visit their U-Pick farms. In the last year, I have picked apples, strawberries, and blueberries (twice!). Each time I have enjoyed simply being out of the city and in the fields, finding ample fruit, and getting it for a good price, especially the apples and blueberries, which are a third (or even less!) of the grocery store prices. Last year I picked Jonagold, Northern Spy, and Crispin apples, my first apples not from a grocery store. You don't have to eat them plain to tell the difference: they're wonderful in pies, crisps, turnovers, and dumplings (and yes, I made all of the above)! The blueberries are full of flavor, and I have fun sorting them (with many taste tests) into tart berries for muffins and sweeter berries for pies. And this spring, I got a group of friends together for an hour of strawberry picking followed by homemade waffles topped with our harvest (and a healthy serving of whipped cream!). In short, the flavors AND the prices beat the grocery store, and you'll enjoy the experience of slowing down, just for a bit, to harvest the fruit yourself. You should, however, remember to bring your own containers--or you'll have to buy some at the fields.

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