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worth the price in TASTE

By: Philip Robinson    (Sep 8, 2009)

I live in the Smithville area, and have found it rather challenging to find [organic/antibiotic-free] food that I can eat, due to various health related issues.

I happened upon Green Acre Market in the Briarcliff shopping area, and was surprised to find eggs and poultry from a local farm- Campo Lindo!

I have tried the 'organic brand' at many area local grocery stores- and while anything marked 'organic' tends to have a higher price, I can certainly attest that the Campo-Lindo 'brand' is certainly worth what you pay for! One might say it's the "best choice", if you get my reference.

The eggs are among the most flavorful I have ever had the pleasure of tasting! They're always fresh, and the yolk color is akin to deep orange, rather than the pale yellow encountered in most other eggs. They are a delight to taste no matter how you prepare them, and if you use them in other items, really help make a more powerful FLAVOR to your breads, etc!

With regards to the poultry itself- again, the most flavorful I've had! I've tried the boneless breasts and they cook very well and have a nice consistency (none of the discoloration and uneven texture one comes to expect from 'factory farmed', IE: diseased, chickens)! The only issue I have with this product is the cost. However I do understand some of that is due to preparation required to make it convenient.

The whole chickens have also been flavorful- with hardly any fat to speak of, and at a much more reasonable pricing (since the prep work does fall upon the consumer).

While some of their products are a bit pricey (boneless breasts, eggs) and others pretty reasonable (whole chickens) you get what you pay for-- which is quality meat, without the 'added value' of disease, chemicals and other un-natural additives!

I give 5 stars for flavor- on ALL [chicken] products I've had! I give 4 stars for the various pricing, but I do understand that is a function of the butchering/prep/processing cost.

If the rating system would allow a 4.5 sum, I'd give it-- but since it doesn't, I must defer to the lower score- only due to pricing.

BUT, as the title of the review clearly states- WELL WORTH THE PRICE IN FLAVOR!

Thank you, Campo Lindo, I do appreciate your hard work and will continue to patronize your extremely tasty products!

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