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Totally Satisfied

By: Brian Sullivan    (Sep 9, 2009)

So I am just shy of completing my first season with J&R organics and I can definitely say I love it. I did a lot of research when I chose J&R wanting to get value as well as a good variety of fruits and veggies.

The Produce: Every box i've picked up has been great. I get a Large box every two weeks for myself (and sometimes my girlfriend shares the benefit of my CSA subscription) and it is perfect. I end up making lots of delicious salads throughout the week for lunch and have made many recipes from ingredients in my box. (Yesterday I made an etheopian carrot and cabbage dish from the box ingredients). The avocados are gigantic and delicious. The watermelon was incredible. The variety is pretty good. Lots of standard produce you would use with some interesting vegetables thrown in every once in a while. You can check what they've had in each box by going to their website.

Another great thing about the CSA is that there is pretty good communication between the CSA and its members. A weekly email tells you what is going to be in the box and the box pick up coordinator sends email if there is any problems with pickups.

The reason I chose J&R in the end was because of the reasonable price ~$30 per box and that it had a flower option (extra $10). The flowers are pretty nice, good variety and always looking fresh the day of pick up. If you're moving to or live in an area that is close to one of their pick up locations, I most definitely recommend J&R.

This being said, I am curious to see how the rest of the year pans out since I image there may be less produce in the winter months. However, this being California and having a great produce climate, I hope the bounty continues throughout the year.

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