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After a winter of being exiled to Whole Foods

By: Marjorie Soule    (May 27, 2008)

After a winter of being exiled to Whole Foods paying top dollar for what appears to be healthy, organic produce, IT"S TIME AGAIN FOR HENRY'S REAL FOOD! It's a relief and joy just to be around it again. The love and skill that goes into the way he treats the earth and its critters, selects and plants an amazing variety of seeds, tends day and night 7 days a week (literally in times of drought), harvests and boxes with great care, sets the bounty out with the eye of the artist - ALL OF THIS CAN BE FELT IN THE ENERGY OF EACH VEGETABLE. It really is amazing to FEEL these things. To have an experience of how love can take the form of a head of lettuce that can become a salad for friends and family - that it's actually possible to serve love and be nourished by it. Thanks to Henry and all the people who help. I know this sounds kind of flowery, but it's really vegetably true. You can see for yourself every Sat at the Evanston Farmer's Market.

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