Alpena Farmers' Market

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Care2 Review: We love this market!

By: Mark A.    (Sep 15, 2009)

For such a small town market (14000) you can get just about anything that can be grown, sewn, hewn, or built. There are baked goods, home grown mushrooms, organics, coffee & doughnuts, and more coming every day. They hold special weekends: kids day with activities for kids, antiques day, and other special sales days. I have shopped there in temps from over 90F down to below 20F, Sun, rain, it even snowed! These growers/producers are a dedicated lot and deserve the $5000. Currently, only the shoppers are under the protection of the roof. Maybe they could use the money so that that roof could be enlarged. That way the sellers could be under the protection of the roof too.

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