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8 O'Clock Ranch is incredible!

By: Gretchen Duarte    (May 28, 2008)

I ordered a quarter cow and some pork from 8 o'clock Ranch a few weeks ago and boy am I impressed! The price for all of the meat I got was an incredible value and rivaled the prices at my grocery store for what I like to call "poisonous evil meat". The meat from 8 O'Clock Ranch arrived as expected and was still frozen when it got here ( I DID, however, have to stalk the courier to make sure it made it to my rural house). We got some really nice meat in our quarter, including t-bones, which my husband was salivating over while unpacking the 80 lb box. The meat is absolutely delicious and lean. I don't eat much meat and I wolfed down a steak the other day. We will be ordering again when we run out and I just gave the information to my husband's entire construction crew. They were eyeing up his sandwiches a little too closely!

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says:    (Jun 4, 2008)
Gretchen, Can I ask how far away you live from the 8 O'Clock? I am in Black River about 1 and 1/2 hours away. Is the meat shipped by refridgerated truck? Any help you can give is appreciated.

Cynthia says:    (Jul 30, 2009)
Hi, I live in Watertown and have ordered from 8 O'clock in the past and will be doing so again. At the time I ordered they used DHL as the delivery service and there was a problem. I contacted Kassandra and explained in the future it would be better for them to use UPS or the USPS to ship within the 136 zip code area. She was very easy to deal with, the beef roast was great and I am about to find out how they are now shipping within the 136 zip code. Thanks