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Fabulous Wildfire Food & Flowers

By: Sally Gorrell    (Sep 16, 2009)

Does anyone ever have enough flowers? We ordered the whole works, flowers, eggs and the crops. The bouquet makes our bag of veggies look like a picture from an art show. Then, we get to look in, to find the delicious variety of vegetables, some fruit, as reported to us in the email that I find on my computer (I'm sure this is optional, but heck they offer a recipe, and names of the various varieties, some I've never seen before.) Like the bunch of mustard greens in yesterday's bag. I could tell it was mustard, but the names of the three different types, how fun. We put the mustard on sandwiches (instead of lettuce) added a zing to our lunch, just out of this world. Health and Taste and Beauty, good taste with no poison, how novel in today's world . Did I fail to mention that it's delivered to my porch once a week. I dread when the garden is over. When can we subscribe for next year???? I'm in, we love it. We eat alot (about 3 people) and freeze and can some too. Besides all that The Gardeners both smile when they see us. Thank you Dane, Thank you Marcia. Sally Williams and LeRoy Gorrell

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