Flint Farmers' Market

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Care2 Review: We love this market!

By: Marirose M.    (Sep 18, 2009)

I have been shopping at the farmers market ever sense I was a little girl. I would go with my parents when they went to the market. The people at the market are so nice. The prices are not over priced on the products sold, everything is fresh, you can't say that about a lot of the stuff that grocery stores sell. From the restaurant and art store up-stairs to the space that sells nut and the space that sells cheese and space that sells veggies and chicken and coffee and hambugers and all the venders in and out side the walls of Flints Farmers Market. It is a wonderful place to shop and stop to have coffee and get something to eat and meet new people and run into friends and family and talk to the nice people who sell their goods at the market. I love that the community is so behind the market in the support they give. People come from all over to shop there. My friends from Owasso come to the Flint Farmers Market to shop. The Flint Farmers Market has such a warm, friendly atmosphere, the kind of place you want to come back to again and again.

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Cass Isaacson says:    (Jun 14, 2012)
While farmers market is a fun place to go I agree, Please don't think everything is fresh. I believe a lot of people go there "THINKING" they will get "FRESH" produce. While there are a "FEW" things that are local please pay attention. Right now next to nothing is fresh. Not tomatoes, not corn and not fruit. Strawberries are. The rest is mostly shipped from CA. I have shopped here for as long as I can remember always believing I was getting fresh.. Take a walk through one day and ask each vendor what they have that is MI grown. Right now most will tell you "NOTHING" In July and August there will be some local grown, but slim pickings. Go to the market , enjoy your self, because it is a fun place to shop. But don't go only because you "THINK" your getting some thing fresh. I went today and before I left I promised my self I would come home get on facebook and let others know. I thinks its only right.