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By: Rain Tenaqiya    (Sep 20, 2009)

This CSA starts a little early, so I wasn't surprised at the lack of produce in the beginning, which was made up for with lots of things like pickles, jam, and bread. Then the Summer nights were colder than usual (maybe the new usual), resulting in late Summer vegetables. However, my patience wore out when we consistently received produce that was unusually dirty, immature, too old, moldy, low in quality, or too few in number. I blame the farm, and not the weather, this time. For example, several times we would get an immature vegetable or fruit, then nothing the next week, then overripe or even moldy produce the third week, implying a sloppy harvesting practice. The diversity of produce was also really low, especially considering the harvest list they provide. The last straw was when deliveries got flaky. They forgot our eggs and would not respond to phone calls, merely giving us two cartons the next week (a lot of eggs for us). Then, the second to last delivery was postponed a day with an email at 6:30 the night before. This is a rural area with many people planning their town trips well ahead. Communication in general wasn't very good, or accurate.

I was so excited to find a local CSA that I was really hesitant to compare it to previous experience (the amazing Live Earth Farm, near Santa Cruz, CA). Now I feel that this farm is taking advantage of the trust implied in the CSA arrangement and would not recommend it to others. Hopefully, they can get their act together, in the future.

Rain Tenaqiya

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toni adams says:    (Oct 9, 2009)
Those who can, do. Those who can't complain. Greenjeans Farm will always refund the balance of any subscribers subscription if they are not satisfied with their experience. This is first and foremost! We realize that we cannot meet everyone's expectations every time, especially where their tummy and tastes are concerned. Ms. Teniqiya did not express her concerns to us during the season, except to tell me I should grow perennial vegetables and a type of cactus, note taken, too late. She did not express her dissapointment after the season,except to write this mean spirited ill mannered post which will live in infamy. "One bad apple don"t spoil the whole bunch" My husband and I are the proprietors of our farm, we are out in the field every day, we are proud of what we do, amazed at what we produce and grow. Every vegetable and fruit is not always perfect, but it is organic and treated with love from seed to harvest to harvesting seed. We feed our family on it too. One email or phone call could have taken care Ms Teniqiya's entire situation. Dirty vegetables? Damn, they are so fresh the onions and garlic still have dirt on them? Did she actually taste the onions? How sweet were they this year? Did she actually taste the garlic? Even the green tomatoes were supurb. Ms. Teniqiya would do better to shop at Whole Foods or the Co- op to get that real Santa Cruz experience! We are only going to give real food, vitamins intact from the farm. If you get some dirt in your sink, oh well, clean it up! This is Mendocino County! Not Santa Cruz. We feel no need to sanitize your food. Won't be giving you any tainted spinach this year! We would like to thank all of our other subscribers this year. The great recipes, the feed back, the wish lists! We love it, and only hope for more!