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Good food and good folks

By: Susan Zencka    (Sep 25, 2009)

This is our fourth year with Sunny Sky, and our second year as a worker family. We pick up boxes at the farm and bring them to our home which is one of the sites where families pick up their boxes, or more accurately, their boxes and bags and extra produce. For the last few weeks, there has been so much food that we have had a bag as well as a box, and also squash or melons in addition. I belonged to another CSA in Indiana, before moving to WI and joining Sunny Sky. We have found the quantity and quality of the vegetables to be excellent. We have loved the variety, and found it to be a significant improvement over our former CSA, in Indiana. The families that come to our home consistently exclaim over the abundance and variety of the food. But the food is not the only asset at Sunny Sky -- the folks are wonderful people, too. Mark has helped me load veggies into my car, has called me in advance to "warn" me when it was going to be a particularly abundant load so that we would bring the larger vehicle. They often provide extra veggies, so that families can get a little more of their particular favorites. And the people who come to our home to pick up their veggies are friendly, cheerful, and happy about the food we receive. Every week, our experience at the farm with Mark and his crew, at our home with other CSA members, and at the table with the produce -- it's a good experience that builds community as well as good health. Thanks, Sunny Sky!

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