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Two Years of Great Produce

By: Derek Sterling    (Sep 30, 2009)

My wife and I were lucky to get into Stone Gardens Farm two years ago when they first began offered shares in their CSA. We were new to the concept of CSA's, but learned that they were a great way to get great local produce and also to support local farmers. Stone Gardens first year was a huge success and they offered more shares for this year. We have enjoyed receiving a lot of our favorites in the share, but also getting things we have never tried. Last year was the first time we have ever tried a garlic scape, and now it is one of our favorites.

We also receive farm fresh eggs in our share, not every week, but enough so that we seldom run out at home. We also are able to get shares of fresh beef that has been raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. We can reserved whole chickens that are better than anything we can get in a grocery store.

The owners, Fred and Stacia, are phenomenal people who love what they do and are always looking for ways to improve on what they do. If last year and this year are any indication of what they can accomplish, then we excitedly look forward to next year and every year after. I love taking our two year old son out every week to pick up our share at the farm, and he always screams, "FARM" when we get there. It's one of the fun things we do each week.

We are Stone Gardens Farm fans.

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