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By: Rodger Phillips    (Oct 12, 2009)

Our second year as meat CSA members, we have been thrilled with all of the products that we have received from Cedar Meadow Farm. We drive an hour to get to the farm each month and it is a highpoint in the whole family's month. What a great place and what a great family! A true small diversified family farm where the animals are treated with the kind of respect offered at too few places. And an amazing setting: take a stroll through the forested part of the farm and you will no doubt run into one of the pasture raised pigs waddling by scavenging for acorns, walk across the "cedar meadow" and you will find the kind of polyculture other farms need to study and replicate.

An amazing farm run by some pretty darn nice folks who are super professional and produce an amazing product.

PS: NOBODY has eggs as good as Cedar Meadow.

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