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Happily: a Fall Suprise Encounter: Sunday 10/11/09

By: Julia Van Cleve    (Oct 12, 2009)

We happened by the farm on our way to some vineyards and rather than continue our journey, we stayed with the Barbatos, and experienced the farm's magic, thanks to the company of Phil and his family.

We found the garlic so exhilerating because, indeed, fresh organic garlic is hardly ever available to the general public. Yes, we can buy organic garlic, but how "fresh" is it really? Fresh organic garlic is much more subtle than that found in the stores. You can totally eat it raw without dying. We ate the garlic (while at the farm) with rosemary and olive oil on bread. It was so good we bought a whole ring of garlics.

We also have had two meals already with the hot peppers we purchased: scrambled eggs and a huge garden salad. In the eggs we had one of the long green papers and in our salad, we had a fat round red pepper; the peppers were great.

Thanks to the youngest member of the Barbato family, we experienced a tour of the 14 acre farm which really helped us see the beauty and industry which goes on at the farm. Thank you! The farm is so fantasic! Thank you Phil and Family

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Phil Barbato says:    (Feb 6, 2010)
Dear Julia, I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. Thank you so much for your very kind words. They were very uplifting on this cold wintry day. I look forward to next season and to seeing you and your family again some time soon. Best Regards, Phil