KC Pumpkin Patch

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Don't Waste Your Time

By: Disappointed Mom    (Oct 12, 2009)

This pumpkin patch is a joke. Anybody reading this could set up a better exhibit in your front yard. The online pictures make it look terrific! There is no "hay ride" out to the pumpkin patch. It's just an empty trailor. The pumpkin patch you ride out to is sooooo sad. The pumpkins are either rotting or broken - I don't know how that happens, but at least when we went they were awful. They pick all of the little ones before hand and just put them in a big plowed field so you can just pick them up - not actually pick them off the vine. There are only 2 horsey swings, and the corn crib is about an inch thick, so it's not as fun as you would think. Their slides are ridiculously put together pieces of big plastic or tubing. Again, any one of us could manufacture this in our basement. Their pumpkins are waaaaayyy over priced - and they're dishonest about weighing them! We got 2 small ones and they wanted to charge us $11!!! When I say small, I mean SMALL - even though the posted sign says the pumpkins are only .45 a pound. It's funny when I got home and weighed them, they were only 8 lbs combined - which should have only been $3.60. Had I not left my husband to pay for them, we wouldn't have brought them home. This is a dishonest, horrible pumpkin patch. ANYWHERE else in Kansas City would have better. It was an hour drive wasted and $20 wasted as well. It is so stupid to have to pay $5/each for a one and two year old. I will NEVER go back to this joke of a place again, and I'm going to tell everyone I know to not waste their time or money. Again, go anywhere else - leave this mud-hole to the people who made it. Oh, their "petting zoo" consists of about 10 goats - maybe less. The Three Little Pigs are just three potbelly pigs that you can't touch or anything - just look at. The haunted barn is one hallway of crap (old, poor displays) that don't move or do anything! The duck races are plastic ducks in a water funnel - something you can do in your bathtub. Whoop de doo. I will never, ever go back. Anyone who posts a postive review of this place is getting paid to do so.

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