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Poor service and abusive attitude

By: Lewis F Regner    (Oct 13, 2009)

I also was a customer that had a rather poorly handled and poorly packaged order of the Amish Knuttle Beans. Package split and lost contents on both the first and second try....Was a Facebook friend and fan to the Happy Cat Farms customer page and apparently when he read some of what I wrote on my own personal wall and found that he disagreed with my opinions and posts, he commented to one of my posts, and I quote, "besides an asshole, who are you?" I guess there is some confusion in his mind as to difference between, and the appropriate etiquette on, a business vs. a personal profile on Facebook and certainly no doubt in my mind now, that he has no idea how to treat a former and potential customer. I kept a screen shot of his comment to me, in case there is any doubt by anyone that it actually ever happened.

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