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You really need to meet MECG (Meg)

By: Monte Smith    (Oct 15, 2009)


My name is Monte Smith and my wife, Joy Spicer, was the founder of MECG so I've been a part of this community garden from the very beginning. I tell you, we were so unprepared for what it would take to establish a community garden in Fort Smith. It was an enlightening and revealing experience for sure. But..with a lot of effort and a tenacious attitude the garden prevailed.

Paula Patterson and her husband, Kelly, have been gardeners at MECG from the very beginning (they live right next to it). In 08' Paula took over the position of garden steward and Joy went off to work on another project. Since Paula took over managing the garden she has practically lived in that garden. Certainly, all of her very hard work and close attention has not been in vain. This growing season, even though the weather has been somewhat strange, has been MECG's best year ever!

MECG is a special place. It IS a COMMUNITY garden! And it IS unique. It is a friendly creative place to grow food, friends and family. I would encourage anyone to stop by and get aquainted with MECG, Paula and the gardeners.

Except for this summer, I have had at least two (usually three) vegetable beds every year since the garden was put in. I'm an amateur but I love to dig in the dirt and grow good things to eat.

Who knows, you might get inspired to start a community garden in your own neighborhood. If so, Paula, I know, will be more than happy to assist you in anyway that she can. She has no doubt become the community garden expert in ths region. By the way, we at the garden would very much like to see every single neighborhood in Fort Smith and Greater Fort Smith have their own community garden.

I give MECG a five star rating. But, keep in mind, I have every reason to be biased. :-)

Hope to see you in the garden.


p.s. Oh yeah, I almost forgot...please join MECG's online social network. It's a good place to connect up with others who have an interest in gardens, food and more. Even though MECG is a local garden the network is national.

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