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No competition for these wreaths

By: Laura Frick    (Nov 10, 2009)

I have purchased a wreath from Lisa Hairston for the past few years (could it be six?). I am sending one to my mother as well this year. It's just not Christmas until my family places one of Oak Hill's beautiful boxwood wreaths on our front door. Our wreath arrives each year lush, full and green and lasts well past Twelfth Night when I finally take it down. The economy remains stalled in my household, but I cannot bring myself to buy an ordinary wreath from one of the local tree lots. PLEASE don't ever stop making these gorgeous wreaths!

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Lisa Hairston says:    (Aug 21, 2011)
Laura, I am going to go through my records to see if any others have ordered more consecutive years than yourself. If so, how many, and maybe do a little something nice for all us struggling Americans. I'm thinking of adding a Small Wreath to all clients who order 5 years, consecutively... for a reward on the sixth year, just call and tell where and when you want it, like always. Another option I am tossing around is adding the FREE MEDIUM on the DECADE OF PURCHASES?