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A 4 month/no work subscription

By: rita chenier    (Nov 12, 2009)

As much as I want to support local farms and encourage CSAs this particular CSA was a disappointment. Specifically, variety was lacking and the amounts were skimpy. It's not "a bushel" as the website states but rather a small amount of vegetables in a bushel. The web site's listing of vegetables did not reflect the monotonous deliveries.

I checked with other local CSAs to see what their weekly allotments were and their weekly amounts put mine to shame. And these CSAs allowed one to choose the produce they might like for the week. No option with with my CSA.

This particular growing season was cool and wet and hence, not good for longer season tomatoes or peppers but cukes, chard, beets, a variety of lettuces, cherry tomatoes, carrots and the like should all have thrived. Local farmers' markets were bursting with this kind of produce.

I would suggest that announcing the weekly allotment would be helpful. I received 8 qts. of cherries one week (nothing else) and without a cherry pitter to freeze them, they were a waste. The closest cherry pitter to purchase was in Rochester---45 miles away. A 'head's up' would have been welcomed.

All in all, I won't be back to this CSA.

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