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Turkey Experience

By: Sebastian Sprenger    (Nov 26, 2009)

We ordered a heritage Turkey for Thanksgiving from Carriage House Farms, but certainly won't do so again. The bird we were given when picking it up was a whopping five pounds (four to six, to be accurate -- you specify an approximate desired weight when ordering) smaller than the 14- to 16-pounder we wanted. The reasons weren't entirely clear, and we were not informed of this beforehand. Put on the spot, we ended up picking up two small turkeys instead to reach our desired weight. Only one of these was a heritage bird. Still, the guy charged the heritage price for both, as we figured out later.

If I'm spending $100 to get a a top-shelf Turkey, I'll turn to a more reliable supplier next time.

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Gaylord Clark says:    (Sep 13, 2010)
Following the holidays, when we became aware of Mr. Sprenger's dissatisfaction, we contacted him and offered him a full refund on his turkeys. He declined this offer. Gaylord Clark, Carriage House Farms