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Very worthwhile pig slaughtering/butchering class

By: Charles Sigismund    (Dec 11, 2009)

Not having grown up on a ranch, and not having grown up hunting, I'd never had the experience of killing an animal for food and making good use of all its parts. TLC Ranch's pig slaughtering and butchering class provided exactly the hands-on, start to finish experience I was looking for. Jim and Loren are excellent teachers who showed us how to do the work, then guided us students as we pitched in. Loren even provided a truly delicious lunch that featured different cuts of pork. At the end of a good long day, we took home many pounds of great tasting pork, along with a much clearer understanding of and respect for exactly where it comes from. But more than that, with the experience we gained and the skills we got a good solid start at learning and mastering, we also took home greater self-reliance and many more choices in feeding our families and friends. Now I need to go make some Italian bacon with the pork belly I brought home...

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