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Baker's Fresh Produce and Honey Review

By: Jennie Giaconia    (Dec 15, 2009)

This CSA is a class act. Joining it would make sense simply for the health, economic, and environmental benefits; however, we found the experience to be enriching in many other ways that we hadn't anticipated. The Bakers are some of those special people who can run a highly organized, efficient, and professional business while also maintaining a warmth and openness with their members that makes people want to return year after year.

After a season of eating fresh, organic, locally-grown produce, we have a whole new impression of vegetables -- almost as though we'd forgotten what real food is supposed to taste like. If you're like us, you try to include produce in your meals because you know it's good for you. During CSA months, though, we actually look FORWARD to eating the vegetables and don't really care much what we have to go with it. We also tried many foods we hadn't before, and have now developed a love for things like Swiss chard, kohlrabi, and turnip greens. An added benefit: you will lose weight without even thinking about it, simply because you'll end up rounding out your daily intake with lots of tasty, healthy veggies.

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