The Farmer's Wife

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5 stars

By: Nickie Corey    (Dec 27, 2009)

We love The Farmer's Wife! The eggs are fresh and twice the size of regular eggs! We tried a heritage turkey for the first time and loved it. The taste was very moist and flavorful - didn't even need gravy (and that's my favorite!). A 10 pounder was enough for 5 people for at least 3 dinners. Plenty of dark and white meat. Delicious! I love that the animals are pastured and fed organic feed and get to live like animals should. You can tell Maggie loves her animals and her work.

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Margaret Henry says:    (Jun 24, 2010)
Thanks, Nickie for that awesome endorsement. Some days when farming seems too hard I read these for a reminder of why I do this.