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Excellent Service & Product

By: Beth Lee    (Jan 8, 2010)

We ordered a Farmyard and today, in winter, we are harvesting lettuces, broccoli rabe, herbs and other weather suitable crops right before dinner. The difference between fresh from the garden versus the store is phenomenal. The 'look' of my garden is so well tended and cared for that I have the neighbors stunned by my green thumb. They also hope for anything surplus and appear nearby when I am clipping fresh greens. Having your own vegetable garden is a treasure that has been lost in our mass production society and along with it went the taste/flavors of "home grown". I encourage everyone to use Farmyard as they simplify the process. It saves money as well. We water produce, not a yard. Getting back to basics, a garden, and good food is a huge plus for our children. They learn how things grow, not how to open a package. Do not does take time to amend the soil and to get the PH etc. all correct for good production. You don't want to miss the next growing's TOMATOES!!! Many thanks Farmyard, you are excellent.

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