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Fresh, Self-Selected Produce

By: Kristy Headley    (Jan 14, 2010)

Signed up since the farm permitted purchase of half shares, and I felt a greenhouse offered some insurance against ruined crops. Performed pickup at the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market.

CSA members receive a punch card. Each card may be punched up to 20 times. Once all punches are, the card is worth 15% off of each subsequent purchase at the booth. For full share members, each punch is worth $20 of goods. For half share members, each punch is worth $10 of produce. Offers a discount on most "ugly" produce. Definitely a good deal.

A wide variety of produce was almost always available, although I do have some basic recommendations. If you want a broad selection, attend earlier in the day, or attend the Wednesday market instead of Saturday. If you don't see many produce items you want on a given week, postpone purchase, or select only what you need. The farm allows balance transfers from week to week, and during the 2009 season continued to attend the market until early December.

They had an abundance of tomatoes throughout the year, on into the winter months. They consistently offered beautiful large onions, peppers, a mass of truly delicious melons, and a broad selection of sturdy salad greens. Some of the other produce wasn't present weekly, but I didn't always show up early. Eggs were also a great perk, but again, were not always available.

Overall, an amazing variety of produce was seen throughout the season. A couple other CSAs seemed to have a broader selection, but this one definitely was the best value for my money. It also prevented me from receiving more than what I could use at any given time.

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