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Local - Variety - Communal

By: BJ Bowman    (Jan 16, 2010)

First off, getting my box each week is like a Christmas morning experience- you don't know what's in there and that's one of the best parts. I love the fact that each week you get this variety of produce, some I would buy in the store and some I've never heard of, and you know where the farm is, the name of the farmer, and . I pull out my mom's 1970's copy of "The Joy of Cooking" and discover a new recipe to try for my Daikon Radishes, Butternut Squash, and so on. Second, I love that you can't taste the chemicals. LOVE IT! My friend recently shared that the broccoli is the only one she can eat uncooked because it tastes good. Third, I love buying in season. who knew oranges were harvested in the winter months here? Finally, I love that when I go on Saturday mornings, I will see old friends and new friends and catch up a little before heading home.

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