Wild Ocean Seafood Market

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ugly fish

By: fish man teague    (Jan 24, 2010)

i have been to alot of seafood markets in the south east us and i have never been to one as bad as this one in titusville the place looks like a dump from the outside and is no better on the inside the roof was falling down and the people who work there wouldnot even talk to me or help me the old fish guy just would not turn around and help me with anything the fish were old looking and dry and look like they were frozen the shrimp that were on sale were the same ones i saw there be for they were the 21-25 brown tales that they were calling 16-20 tail i went tto the store were they unload the shrimp and those peopple were soo much more helpfull and the store much more cleaner and the fish were nice anad clean so if u do shop for sea food go to the store that is a the beach

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fish bonez says:    (Jan 28, 2010)
Seriously, you must have visited Wild Ocean in Titusville on a bad day. I have visited both locations that this company operates, and i must disagree fish man that both the seafood markets carry the freshest seafood product in Brevard county. The shimp are absolutely amazing and so are their staff. Everyone is very helpful and very knowledgable of the product they offer. If you ask for fresh fish, the staff will advise you if the product is fresh or frozen. Their port canaveral store has an excellent view, where i can take my family to watch the hard working men unload fish and shrimp boats.. my children love to enjoy an ice cream and watch the fish being unloaded. I'm very glad that we have these 2 seafood markets to buy my seafood, I wouldn't shop anywhere else for my seafood. So FISH MAN get a f******life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!