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Learning how to grow, eat and enjoy new vegetables

By: Donna Caslin    (Jan 26, 2010)

I have been a member of Smaller Footprint since it began. Each year, the variety of vegetables has increased, as well as the quantity in my weekly portion. I am now eating greens...never would have thought! Each week, we receive a newsletter that gives information about the vegetables and suggestions for preparation in the kitchen. I have saved my newsletters and have referred back to them many times when I have wanted to cook a certain vegetable dish, such as fennel potato soup. Except for the first season, I have volunteered a minimum of 20 hours per growing season and have worked on the farm, helping with the planting, weeding and harvesting. The Christens have taught me so much about farming without pesticides, rotating crops and eating well! The quality of the vegetables is fabulous and when growing season is over, I so miss my fresh locally grown veggies up until I start receiving my share the next year! It's great fun!!

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Jes Rothwell says:    (Feb 24, 2010)
Hi there! I am the wife of a future PhD student who has been bitten by the "Green Bug". We are so convicted about a new lifestyle, that I am going to be working only part time after our move in order to learn from farmers in the area. I would most certainly be interested in working on the farm from which my food comes from, and am especially concerned that I DON'T KNOW HOW TO CAN OR FREEZE!! Do you recommend contacting the farm to inquire?

Kathy Paige says:    (Mar 7, 2010)
If you want lessons on canning, contact Sonya Staffan - The Jam and Jelly Lady. You can google her and she is a member of this blog. She holds classes that teach you the proper canning methods and sells canning supplies cheaper than the stores. I just took her class and it was great.