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chicken hotel

By: Eva Green    (Jan 30, 2010)

I prefer eggs from chickens who can be outside, their feet in the grass, scratching and finding natural high protein things to eat instead of (Monsanto designed) corn and scratch, but living a natural life. Free ranging. A "chicken hotel" is not a natural way for chickens to live.

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Duane Rehmeyer says:    (Feb 2, 2010)
Eva: That is a very nice sentiment and a lovely way to envision chickens where the sun always shines and the wind never blows. Unfortunately that's not the case for SE PA. Please envision 1,000 poor freezing chickens in the howling wind and snow trying to find a blade of grass or bug in January. Our farm is sustainable, practical, uses locally grown and ground feed and provides a comfortable year round environment for our birds. Thanks, Duane