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By: Candyce Sweet    (Feb 3, 2010)

The Family Farm folks are very nice. The eggs are terrific. I have never been in a share program before, but I found it interesting. There were things offered that I don't usually eat, and I liked them, so that was good.

However, I didn't realize things like potatoes could be so small. The potatoes looked like seed potatoes to me. There were lots, too. Maybe it was a bad growing year? I also never got any honey, or cooking pumpkins, and I think I only got flowers once. There was no fruit. Each person does pick their own stuff out of the boxes, but sometimes you feel like maybe the best stuff was picked out already, and it would be more fair if it was distributed evenly.

Oh, well, I would try it again, just to find new things to eat...like spaghetti squash! Who knew?!

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john hochstetler says:    (Apr 30, 2010)
We feel sorry you feel this way . Unfortunately when one decides to join a CSA, they need to show up and get their food. When one does NOT show up week after week then how can you expect to get what you are not there to receive? Missing pick up days is one thing all CSA have a hard time dealing with.