Cuthbertson Farms Freezer Beef

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The Best Beef!!!!

By: Brianne Fournier    (Feb 6, 2010)

Cuthbertson Farms Freezer Beef is the best beef that my husband and I have ever had. We have been buying the beef for the last 4 years and we have been very satisfied with the flavor, quality, and price. It's great not having to run to the store when we need steak, hamburger, or a roast. Plus, the overall taste beats any that you are going to find at the grocery store. The convenience of just going to the freezer and choosing what you would like to have for dinner is priceless. We have also visited the farm where the cattle are raised and it is very well kept and clean. We would recommend Cuthbertson Farms Freezer Beef to anyone that is looking for top quality beef. The Cuthbertson's are great people to do business with.

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