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CSA member

By: Heather Rocha    (Feb 16, 2010)

We enjoyed our CSA membership with Red Root Farm this winter. Fresh vegetables all winter long, very fresh. We received fresh kale, spinach, various kinds of cabbage, kohlrabi, butternut squash, different varieties of eggplant, turnips, radishes of various kinds, beets, sweet potatoes, cilantro and other fresh herbs, cane juice, arugula, fennel... just to name some of the fresh foods we enjoyed. I was amazed at the variety of the winter crop. Added bonus: The County Rd 14 drop off farm between Ozark and Dothan sells fresh eggs from pasture-fed chickens.

We were so excited to find Red Root Farm after searching for local organic produce. The vegetables are usually picked within a day of delivery. Gary is great! We wholeheartedly recommend Red Root Farm.

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