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good CSA for getting your feet wet

By: Kati    (Mar 10, 2010)

We participated in the Sellmeyer Farm CSA during its first year (2009) and really enjoyed it. There are just two of us, so we got a half share and it was more than enough for most items. There were the usual disappointments when weather and wildlife did not cooperate....but also nice surprises like finding out you like something you'd never been brave enough to spend money on at the grocery store! There were always plenty of eggs and occasionally the option to purchase more produce, if the harvest was going particularly well.

Other highlights included monthly payment options (easier to budget) and a long enough pick-up schedule to accommodate most work schedules (unfortunately this also meant you couldn't necessarily trade items with other customers to suit personal tastes).

There were many things that we just couldn't use fast enough, but I've been on the lookout for more recipes now that I have a better idea what to expect. Hopefully we'll do better this year.

All-in-all, a good way to try a CSA without spending a bunch of money up front or committing lots of time.

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