Georgia's GrassFed Beef and Natural Meats

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By: mary west    (Mar 21, 2010)

I was very disappointed in this store.

The 'fresh' grass fed beef is packaged by portions and very dark brown! (Not the little light brown you sometimes see with hamburger meat when one mound touches another.)

There were less than five 'locally grown' produce items. Other produce didn't always specify where it came from.

Limited selection in all areas of store.

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Colette Baker says:    (Jun 23, 2011)
I have been buying my chicken here for over a month now and I am sold on it..It has wonderful flavor, it has very little fat, it is very well trimmed and they don't include the neck and liver which only adds weight and increases the price of a whole chicken. The quality is much better than Whole Foods organic chicken which has much more fat and is at least $2 per pound more..It does little good if your can't afford to buy it on a full time I was thrilled to find Georgia's chicken. There are two types of beef here. One is shrink wrapped which is the 100%grass feed and the second is standard store wrap on a tray which I believe is grass fed and grain finished(without antibiotic in the feed). The second is in my price range and the grass fed which is the one your post talks about, is not. I have noticed that it is a darker color but since I don't buy it, I don't know why..maybe Georgia can tell us?