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Applebean Farm

By: heidi de faut    (Mar 23, 2010)

It has been a pleasure to deal with the Applebean Farm family.Living in the area, I was pleased to find another source of fresh, healthy, organic food. There isn't alot of choices out here so I was excited at the prospect of having another option. What I found impressed me. To begin with, Doug and Denise were welcoming and open. I had a tour of the farm along with the kids who obviously played a big part of the farm life. They were quite familiar with everything that was growing and shared the names of all of the chickens with me, including the one named Applebean, namesake for the farm.The produce was vibrant and healthy and I was impressed with the variety of things to choose from.I left with a healthy amount of food and some beautiful, fresh eggs. I LOVED the eggs, so tasty with the most beautiful golden yolks, I wondered how i had done with the eggs from the grocery store for so long. Now I can't settle for anything less. On subsequent visits, I took home some beautiful, fresh baked bread as well as some great canned goods. I have come to expect nothing but the best from this farm. The veggies are wonderful and the family that grows them makes my experiances there truly worthwhile. It's true when someone says that it makes a difference when things are grown with love. This is what you can expect when you deal with Applebean.

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