Blue Gate Farm

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Most Amazing Experience

By: Kristi Ruth    (Jun 2, 2008)

Blue Gate Farm is one of the most beatiful and and productive pieces of land I have ever seen. Jill and Sean, the owners, put forth the up most determination and dedication in to producing, maintaining, and harvesting crops. All done organically! Their hard work and every day effort is shown beautifly in how well kept the farm is. Blue gate farm has such a welcomed and relaxed atmosphere from the second you pull in the lane. Jill has a well kept quarter acre garden out front to the left and the colorful and inviting yard in front of you. As you continue down the lane you'll spot the herb garden as well as the hunting cabin which is used to prepare all the freshest of produce. At the bottom of the drive lies a gorgeous cabin and pond, and not to mention trails that will lead you through the forest at any hearts desire. All throut the farm wild flowers and fruit trees lace the layout of the land. behind the house lay another even larger garden in which Jill works everyday to maintain. Also you will spot a heartwarming little shed where the chikens will lay farmfresh eggs. If you look closely you will see tall white boxes on the edges of the farm in which Sean tends and extracts honey to satisfy one's sweet tooth. All the while exploring this glorious place your heart will still desire to take a stroll back to the front yard where entangled ropes swing between two trees.The comforting white hammock will call for you, maybe even leading you astray from the wonderful company that is ever present at he farm. In the evening when your gathering to leave after eating homemade ice cream, bobbing for apples, and maybe even a hay ride; you will wish you never had to go and you long for the day you get to return and hope it lasts forever. Thats how Blue Gate Farm makes you feel. If you think that glimpse even so much as sparked a glimmer of intrest you should try out how it really feels.

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