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By: Sally Phelps    (Apr 1, 2010)

I am a county Master Gardener in Minnesota. I am teaching a Tea Gardening class on April 10th. I ordered 8 different herbs for this class from 3 different places. I ordered 4 oz of most of the herbs I got at about $4.99 to $7.00 for 4 full ounces from the other places I bought from, Starwest Botanicals and Morgan Botanicals. The Herb Mill charged me $4.00 for a quarter of an ounce!!! They are WAY overpriced.

However, I needed Apple Mint, and I am having issues finding it other places. I still need more, as the 3/4 of an ounce that I bit my lip and purchased from the Herb Mill won't cover everything I need for my class. I can't afford to buy all my herbs from The Herb Mill. I am going to keep shopping around for the rest. I hold this class at least a few times a year and at these prices I would have to charge too much for my class.

Glad that you have hard to find herbs, but they aren't gold, let's face it, it is a plant. I haven't paid this much for a plant since the 70's.

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Lydia Davis says:    (Aug 30, 2010)
We sell herbs at retail to a lot of satisfied customers. If you had a problem with your product, you failed to let us know. We do appreciate your order, however, we are a small farm and cannot supply the quantity you requested at the price you requested. It was your choice whether to buy your Apple Mint from us or not to. I hope you are able to find your products nearby at the price you are looking to pay for your future classes.

Stephen Colvin says:    (Sep 29, 2010)
When a customer gets the product he/she wants and has no complaints about it's quality (in this case actually wants more of it), it is entirely uncalled for to leave negative feedback because they wanted it cheaper. A customer has the right to refuse to pay the listed price for the product and look for it elsewhere--they also have the right to complain about the price they have to pay, but they do not have the right to leave negative feedback based entirely off of something that was their choice to accept or refuse. I have never met this farm/farmer(s), I just stumbled across it here on LH scanning through other farm's feedback, and as a farmer I strongly disagree with the customer here--this feedback needs deleted, and the farm needs to get some satisfied customers on here with positive reviews!